Keep your data safe: Know about the Wasabi + VEEAM + StarWind formula

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    The golden rule for the safety of your data is as follows: always back up and distribute copies to different locations. However, the choice of backup environments can be accompanied by high-cost issues, security concerns, the risk of service interruption/termination, and so on. Storing your data in the cloud seems to be the most optimal solution. But even here you may encounter certain troubles such as the need to pay for all services, subscriptions, service plans, and configuration of a public cloud storage provider.

    Do you want to know about a backup storage solution that eliminates the drawbacks of costly backup processes and meets regulatory data archival and retention requirements?

    Read the article by Oleg Pankevych, StarWind Pre-Sales engineer, to find out how about Wasabi + VEEAM + StarWind formula and how it meets the 3-2-1 backup strategy.