Fedora 29 HID2HCI Connect at Startup

  • Okay so I have an older MX5500 Keyboard and Mouse that is Bluetooth. Connected to my Fedora Desktop that I use occasionally.

    Anyways, in order to get this bluetooth set to work with the keyboard and mouse I had to install HID2HCI, which works, but occasionally the devices will sleep or at least become disconnected from the computer.

    I then can't login or mouse with the set until I go into the devices menu and connect to the keyboard and mouse set. This all requires a hardwire keyboard and mouse to get here.

    It's infuriating. Has anyone seen this and know if there is a way to ensure that the bluetooth devices don't go to sleep and if they do immediately become connected at startup (not require me going to "turn on") in the bluetooth menu?

  • have not seen that I'm afraid.

  • Don't have that keyboard/mouse. But I have not experienced anything like that.

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