Strange error copying files from FTP server

  • Ok everyone.... here's one of the strangest error messages I've seen in a hot minute. Windows IIS FTP server on our side... temporary credentials sent to a customer, they upload a folder... support manager goes to copy the folder to his machine, transfer goes maybe 25% then this error window appears:


    I am able to recreate this error on my machine when using windows explorer (both of us are running win 8.1), but the error does not occur when using Filezilla (which I have been adamant about to both our internal staff as well as external customers, but apparently we can't tell customers how to do things, even when their method is fucked and my recommendation would work 100%).

    So has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on how to make it go away (aside from my already suggested "use fucking filezilla always because windows explorer is a POS that can't properly handle FTP")?

  • I'd just fire the customer if they are unable to listen to sound practices.