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    I need to setup a Video Conference System for Hotel's small meeting room (10 persons). 2 years ago on different company we use Big Screen, Webcam with very long USB cable mounted on top of Big Screen, laptop, gotomeeting account and Octagon conference phone.

    The laptop will connect to gotomeeting for video and big screen display and use the conference phone to call the gotomeeting number. We never get a success to use the laptop for both the voice and video during the conference call so we always use the combination.

    Is there a better way of doing this like a video conference system with camera with speaker/mic then connect directly to the big screen w/out the aid of the laptop that will not cost you arm and leg? or the above is the practical approach.

  • A lot of this is going to come down to if you want this system tied in with whatever phone system / service you have today or are fine with having a separate service just for "Video Conferencing".

  • In almost any solution I've seen there is always a box of some sort sitting in a corner or cabinet that is driving the meeting. Adding wireless mic's and a web cam are the easy part at that point.

    The phone would just dial out to the conference service (if it isn't capable of doing the hosting its self) and you'd be called in.

  • @justin867 said in Video Conference System:


    If this is what you are using, no. There is not really a better solution than to call in.

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