The Fire Inside

  • We often discuss how career may affect our family or family life, but have you ever thought about how family influence affects career?

    Think about the influence your parents had / have on your life. What lessons, if any, did you learn from watching the way your parents approached career? How did those observations affect the way you approach career today? There’s a lesson here for all of us. Observing others, especially those with whom we spend the most time, exposes us to qualities we wish we possessed and those we hope we will never possess. But those observations also have great potential to shape the choices we make.

    Not everyone is fortunate to have good parents. Not everyone has more than one parent or even a decent parental figure. I was very fortunate to have two dads – my biological father and my adoptive father. After just completing a cross-country road trip to attend my adoptive father’s memorial due to his recent passing, I’d like to share some of the lessons he taught me that apply to career as a tribute.

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  • My dad was definitely a huge influence on my career. And really, my mom was, too. My dad was a world famous operations researcher and worked like crazy to get to the top of his field. My mom prioritized working from home and never took a job away from home till I was away from home as an adult.

  • My Family is the biggest reason I took a Job in this field or even started to pursue IT.
    But it's not what you would think, My dad told me I should look into IT because I was sitting around the house always playing on a computer, but never really doing anything else. I'd sit around and play video games, and read. Play on the computer, sometimes play with "Old Clunkers" wiping the OS and seeing what I could make work.

    That's about as far as that goes, He lit the Fire but My Uncle couch Cough is the reason I'm on this Site, and why i started doing more with IT , He gave me the ability to read the threads here and even had me doing some Bench work with him at his site. He would spit out a bunch of things that I still cant remember, but through the times of reading, stuff he had said has came back randomly, and has solved many issues.

    But I do what I do now for My son, My branch off of the family. I needed to have a better job and have something i enjoyed doing. I needed to provide a better life for my family, as the "head of Household" and teach my son all of the things I wish I would have known .

  • My dad taught me to stay curiously hungry, keep learning, and to keep developing yourself.

  • My Pops taught me to be myself. Everybody puts their pants on the same way -- even if you have a butler to help you do it.

    He also taught me to not be afraid to experiment from time to time, and that is how I wound up in IT, lol. Always something to learn and tinker with.

    I learned from both of my folks the importance of family -- blood or not... and that has probably been the biggest career influence for me. I like being close to home, and I like being in a job where my bosses know (and understand) that family comes first.