Dell RPS720

  • Hi folks,

    We have a Dell RPS720 for our N2048 Switch. I can find specs online, but cannot seem to find anything about how long the UPS will last on load. Any I just missing something obvious here or a calculation that I need to perform?

    The UPS is the 720, as in this document: PDFDoc

    We are using one N2048 switch and the UPS can power four (we just only have one switch).

    I can contact Dell but thought somebody here may know first, I prefer this community. Any thoughts?

    This seems to be the relevant data for the model, but I cant see a runtime (I guess its a calculation that is needed):

    Input Voltage Universal input– 90 to 264 VAC
    Nominal input– 15 to 230 VAC.
    Input Frequency Range 47 to 63 Hz
    Max. Input AC Current 2.3 A max per supply
    (9.2 A total for four supplies in
    PowerConnect RPS720)
    Output Voltage and Current
    Parameter 12 V output unit
    Nominal Output Voltage +12 V
    Absolute Maximum Tolerance +/- 5 %
    Output Ripple Voltage 500 mV pk-pk
    Minimum Current 0.0 A
    Maximum Current 15 A


  • Simple answer here... its not a UPS. 😂

  • This is an external power supply, not a UPS. So runtime isn't something that you can calculate.

    If you lost power, this unit would just turn off.

    Rps720 details

  • That was an easy one.

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