Yealink device common config filename list

  • I am forever forgetting one of these and then trying to find the right one again...

    Product_Name Common_CFG File

    SIP-T58V/A y000000000058.cfg
    SIP-T56A y000000000056.cfg
    SIP-T54S y000000000070.cfg
    SIP-T52S y000000000074.cfg
    SIP-T48S y000000000065.cfg
    SIP-T46S y000000000066.cfg
    SIP-T42S y000000000067.cfg
    SIP-T41S y000000000068.cfg
    SIP-T48G y000000000035.cfg
    SIP-T46G y000000000028.cfg
    SIP-T42G y000000000029.cfg
    SIP-T41P y000000000036.cfg
    SIP-T40P y000000000054.cfg
    SIP-T40G y000000000076.cfg
    SIP-T29G y000000000046.cfg
    SIP-T27P y000000000045.cfg
    SIP-T27G y000000000069.cfg
    SIP-T23P/G y000000000044.cfg
    SIP-T21(P) E2 y000000000052.cfg
    SIP-T19(P) E2 y000000000053.cfg
    CP860 y000000000037.cfg
    CP920 y000000000078.cfg
    CP960 y000000000073.cfg
    W60P Y000000000077.cfg
    W52P/W56P y000000000025.cfg