VoIP Echo Cancellation Features - YeaLink

  • So in getting the newest version of the Yealink Device management Platform up and running (which includes encrypted credentials - SfB credentials of our users and conference rooms) I'm starting to finally look at all of the features that the phones actually support.

    One of the big ones that keeps getting talked about by our users is to make sure that they aren't sending or hearing Echo's.

    The options that appear to be enabled by default are CNG and ECHO, VAD is disabled. VAD is Voice Activity Detection and I'm curious to know if it would be helpful to have all 3 of these enabled, especially for conference phones.

    I already have QoS enabled at the switches and firewalls specific for VoIP applications but I want to better improve the quality where I can.

  • The purpose of the "ECHO" is to prevent the other party from hearing himself (echo). If a user is using headsets, then there is no need for AEC since there will be no echo generated on his side. In this case it might be better to disable "ECHO" to avoid unnecessary audio filtering and also to save CPU. A user that is using hands-free mode, MUST have "ECHO" enabled to prevent all other participants from hearing themselves. If ""ECHO" is enabled but still echo could be, it means that the acoustic echo cancellation software that is running is not robust enough to handle the echo. Following is a nice blog series on the principles and challenges of acoustic echo cancellation.