HGST SAS SSD Testing - Get SMART Data

  • I just got handed 24 x HGST HUSSL4040BSS600 SAS SSD "barely used" drives and asked to check them out. I need to test the drives and would love to validate SMART data from those drives but the only place I can test these SAS drives is via the Dell server I have. Since the H710 card abstracts the drive from the OS, wonder if there are any ideas on how I could read the SMART data from these SAS drives. A pretty easy venture for SATA drives since I can stick those in any PC and run software to read the data. I realize that the H710p is likely to tell me the % life is left on the drives but I'd like to see the actual SMART data. Any ideas?

    If they are barely used, rated at 19.2TB written per day for 5 yrs, I'd love to be able to use those and save the client a load of money on new drives. He doesn't need SLC drives but they'll definitely do.

  • I would try to get a cheap refurbished LSI / Broadcom SAS controller. Always good to have one, just in case

  • @nashbrydges You should be able to read the smart data from the H710 card using software from Dell or LSI (I think the H710 were LSI OEM anyway.) Which utility you use will depend on your OS, and it's been a couple of years since I needed to pull smart data from a Dell RAID controller, so I'm not good with specifics at the moment.

  • I may have just answered my own question. Changed my Google query and found this.


    The H710p is on the supported card list. Will have to give this one a try.

  • Confirmed, HD Sentinel can read SMART attributes of connected drives.

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