Office 2016 Suite and Computer Freezing up

  • This is copied from an email from my boss.

    Basically i have one user and he alone that has this issue. When he opens an excel doc and uses the share option to send it via email, outlook will either freeze or the load icon just spins forever. I tried quick repair, online repair, completely purged anything office related from the machine and reinstalled and it still comes back. Now it works for a short period of time if i perform any of the steps above as well as restarting the pc. I'm just at a loss at how to proceed from here.

    This is on Windows 10, Dell Latitude 5580, 16Gigs of RAM, Intel i7 Proc.

  • I've seen this post from another site. Post dated May 27, 2016

    I would check for office updates. And check for any third-party applications that could be causing excel to lockup.
    Might be an Excel Add-on causing the issue too.

  • When we have seen this it was an Excel add-on causing the issue.

  • See if the ABBY Reader is installed.

    That is what has been causing this on all our DELL machines.

  • Try this, had a similar issue
    Settings > Mouse and touchpad settings > Disable scroll inactive windows

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