Dialpad.com Free now Nationwide

  • So just as I am submitting Android/iOS apps to the app store Dialpad takes this nationwide.


    Previously it was for San Fran numbers only and you had to have a G Suite Account.

    I just signed up to see whats what, here is what you get

    • 5 free extensions, one free local number
    • Sign up with email, G Suite or 0365 now
    • You can add an Obi1000 IP Phone or Obi300 ATA to each extension
    • It appears you can add free "room phones" for break your etc
    • I had to agree they could contact me via phone or email about their products

    I will find out soon enough whether they bother me with one phone call or harass me to death.

    Its a really strong sales move but if 1 in 10 people end up buying service I would imagine it is worth it.

  • Ah... some limits..

    100 outbound minutes
    No porting toll free numbers in

    But you do get unlimited inbound

  • I may have to check this out. Trying to use Google Voice currently for rental property management and it just doesn't seem to be cutting it. Most of our calls would be inbound and the extra features like virtual receptionist would be nice.

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