Question about vCenter

  • We have 2 sites (2 hosts per site) with each site having there own VMware vSphere Essentials Kit and there own vCenter.

    I want to be able to manage both locations from one vCenter.

    I am assuming this means new licensing? Will it be costly?

  • Pretty sure you have to go to the full versions to have more than 3 hosts. Isn't that like $5000 a host not sure if that includes vCenter or not?

  • If you could bring your host count down to 3, you MIGHT be able to pull this off without additional licensing. I don't know that for a fact but something you may want to look into.

    Otherwise, you're looking at a minimum of vCenter Standard ($7,500 including support) plus either vSphere Standard licenses (~$1500 per socket) or ROBO licensing. You're probably looking at a cool $10-15k if option 1 isn't available.

  • Yes, that requires moving to Standard licensing, and yes, it will be quite costly.

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