powershell - delete row in csv file

  • Hi again,

    I have a script that will loop through (ForEach-loop) the csv file. The script will test some criteria and if it is a match it will execute the command. Afterward, I want the script to delete that row as it is no longer valid. However, any other row that does not match the criteria should be left alone.This is what I have so far...

    $CsvPath = "E:\Docs\Documents\Scripts\OOO.csv"
    $CsvImport = Import-Csv $CsvPath
    $CsvDate = Get-Date -Format 'M/d/yyy'
    $CsvTime = Get-Date -Format 'hh:mm tt'
    foreach ($CsvItem in $CsvImport)
    $CsvEmailFrom = $csvItem.emailfrom
    $CsvEmailTo = $csvitem.emailto
    $CsvStartDate = [datetime]$CsvItem.startdate
    $CsvStartDate = $CsvStartDate.ToShortDateString()
    $CsvStartTime = [datetime]$CsvItem.starttime
    $CsvStartTime = $CsvStartTime.ToString('hh:mm tt')
    $CsvEndDate = [datetime]$CsvItem.enddate
    $CsvEndDate = $CsvEndDate.ToString('hh:mm tt')
    $CsvEndTime = [datetime]$CsvItem.endtime
    $CsvEndTime = $CsvEndTime.ToString('hh:mm tt')
    $customTime = [datetime]"09:59AM"
    $customTime = $customTime.ToString('hh:mm tt')
    #Invalid start/enddate
    #($CsvStartDate -gt $CsvEndDate)

    if ($CsvDate -eq $CsvStartDate -and $CsvDate -le $CsvEndDate){
    if ($CsvTime -gt $CsvStartTime){
    Export-Csv $CsvPath

    The table is a simple table

    Edit: I did found couple ways to do this, but the script they provided is a lot more complicate than I like it to be. I am trying to avoid my future self from going crazy trying to understand WTF my past self has wrote.

  • did you looked at this?

    it uses the Remove method and seems quite straightforward to me. You just need to rework the for loop or simply add a counter to it to know which row has to be purged.

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