Linphone and Conference Calls

  • For those who use Linphone, I'm curious to see if you can replicate this behavior.

    Environment: FreePBX with no encryption

    1. Initiate a call to Party B with LinPhone desktop application (to either an extension or external phone number).
    2. Party B answers. Party A (phone call initiator) and Party B can hear each other with no problem.
    3. Party A presses 0_1516042846462_986269d5-8dc3-46c8-9660-d502970da155-image.png to start a call to Party C. Party B is placed on hold.
    4. Party C answers, and Party A and Party C can hear each other fine.
    5. Party A, presses 0_1516042920539_2466824f-d436-4b09-b6ac-958d6e430171-image.png, then adds Party B and C to the participant list.
    6. Party A presses start, which starts the conference.

    Here's the strange behavior.
    Party A cannot hear Party B or Party C. Parties B and C can hear all three parties.

    I cannot replicate this managing the conference from the LinPhone mobile app, meaning I can follow the above steps, but Party A uses the mobile app rather than the desktop app. Thus, it makes me think something screwy is happening with my particular installation of the desktop app. I figure as a sanity check, I'd see if any other Linphone folks can replicate this behavior.

  • This is what conference rooms are for 😉

  • @scottalanmiller said in Linphone and Conference Calls:

    This is what conference rooms are for 😉

    True. There are use cases though where a user is on a call and in the middle of a call, the need rises to conference someone into the call. Methinks trying to get them to end a call and then re-establish the call in a conference room is going to be a losing battle. Unless there's a better way to do that, which I don't know.

  • I use Linphone in both places, but have never used that feature of it.

  • You could transfer the caller b to a conference room, then call c transfer them to the room the join the room yourself.

  • That's an idea. 🙂