ReadyNAS Security Frustration

  • My ReadyNAS has some basic security set, I have three maybe four users configured total - It's mainly for my use, so I don't need more than that currently.

    I have several anonymous shares - which I don't have issue with accessing. But on the few shares I have a User / Password defined I regularly have issues access in the same share.

    0_1507650062494_2017-10-10 11_37_43-tsg-dl-mobile - TightVNC Viewer.png

    One day I can access with no issues,.. the next not. Some times I can access it from one computer - but not another. Even with the ADMIN user.

    I don't want to strip the access requirement - it keeps the kids and their friends from it. But could use a suggestion or two on it.

  • I have a feeling it may be an issue with the anonymous shares since they are connecting with a different user. I would remove the anonymous shares and make them protected as a start to troubleshooting.

  • Oddly - while I am not able to open or map the share as \servername\share I am able to do so by \ipaddress\share

    seems closer to some DNS issue.

  • @gjacobse It's always DNS. The the IP address for the NAS fixed?

  • I recently setup a NAS that had these types of issues, it turned out that I had used the same IP as another device on the network.. changed that and poof all problems gone.

  • MM strange issue, I have had this issue with Buffalo and Synology but haven't found the answer.

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