VNC & Raspberry Pi

  • So got a Raspberry Pi Model 3. Running Ubuntu Mate (downloaded from Raspberry Pi site)

    Installed tightvncserver on it and get it working BUT not the way I want it to work.

    I want to be able to VNC onto the Pi and get the same desktop as being displayed on the TV not a "virtual" desktop.


  • Should add happy to not use tightvnc for something else like X11vnc etc, but would like to stick to Ubuntu mate πŸ™‚

    By default, VNC Server remotes the graphical desktop running on your Raspberry Pi. However, if your Pi is headless (not plugged into a monitor) or not running a graphical desktop, VNC Server can still give you graphical remote access using a virtual desktop.

  • Did find this for Raspbian build and seems to work. Maybe I just need to learn Debian instead of Ubuntu πŸ™‚

  • @hobbit666 if you master Debian you have masteres Ubuntu:)

  • @hobbit666 If you want to stay with Ubuntu (which is based on Debian), you might have a look at NoMachine for remote desktop. The default NX protocol of NoMachine is a bit more responsive than VNC under Linux in my experience and gives you remote audio.

    That said, VNC should work. You might want to try un-commenting the line β€˜force_hdmi_hotplug=1’ in /boot/config.txt. That will force the pi to act as if a monitor is plugged into the hdmi port at boot if you're running headless.

  • The other option is x2go, which is based on the NX protocol. It's been long enough since I last used it, I can't remember if it did what you want. But I am pretty sure that it will do it.

    I just re-OS'ed my rPi3 yesterday.. so I haven't had much time to do much with it, but load some of the software I use.