System Volume Information

  • When I see C:\system volume information\ (and a string of numbers/letters) I am normally seeing very high hard drive usage. Unfortunately the photo doesn't show high disk usage, but shows the path. What exactly is that? (vs. a traditional file path and file name)0_1503346104635_tcah.JPG

  • it is usually shadow copy service making shadow copies.

  • @momurda I don't have any backups running during the day. What steps can I look into in order to mitigate the high activity?

  • Another culprit seems to be Dismhost.exe \Windows\System32\config\Components

  • If it is shadow copy, you have to adjust how often Shadowcopies are taken. It's a pretty cool piece of included tech, but as you notice, it can put a strain on resources when it's copying. Deciding if this is something the company needs might be outside of IT's purview. They might decide the feature is so nice it's worth more hardware.

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