Sodium: Avatars and Organization editor

  • Hello everybody,

    So this release actually ended up releasing on Sunday (at some time, unsure what time it actually released exactly). This release includes the ability to use avatars and also an organization editor. Now these ultimately are the foundation for a lot of work that has yet to be done. The way that the avatars work is that it will prioritize a local avatar (so if you upload one it will prioritize that), if there is no local avatar then we make a call to gravatar and draw from there. If there is nothing in either location than the default no avatar icon from gravatar will show. The organization editor is also a very base level module but will look to grow as everyone suggests more needs here. Right now you have the ability to edit the org name, the address, and the primary contact. I'm sure everyone will have suggestions on this so please feel free to let me know things you think should be included.

    As per usual, thank you for all the feedback and concepts you guys would like to see implemented!