Question regarding lab setup for Starwind Virtual San Hyperconverged install on Hyper-V Server 2016

  • I am currently trying to build a 3 node setup in the lab, all of the Hyper V hosts have only one 150Gb disk available and 32Gb of ram.

    According to the following screenshots from their documentation


    Does this mean, since I am only using one disk, I need to create several partitions and set the Starwind storage pools to use them? Or will I be able to set on the 😄 drive of a regular one partition install?

    Just as a reminder this setup is only for testing purposes.

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  • Vendor

    You don't need to partition your disk: We'll put a container file somewhere where you allow us to do that and we'll basically mirror it's content between the hosts.

    P.S. For lab it's OK but your design is not production ready.

  • For a lab, you can also get additional space by altering the setup here.

    CSV1 on Node1 & Node2.
    CSV2 on Node2 & Node3.
    CSV3 on Node3 & Node1.

    You now have more space that can be used, whilst still keeping a redundant copy of all data available.

  • As for Homelab 3 node scenario, you could choose either 3-way or 2-way replication.
    3-Way replication means you have 3 copies of the data across all three hosts. 2-way replication in 3 node cluster means that:
    target1 is on Node1 & Node2
    target2 is on Node2 & Node3
    target3 is on Node3 & Node1

    And there is no need to partition the drive. We'll place a container file and mirror them across nodes.