How to install the Ubiquiti UNMS on Debian 9.1

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    If you use Ubiquiti hardware outside of the UniFi line, then you are going to want to run their UNMS platform. I highly recommend that you set one up on a cloud provider using a Debian 9.1 base. Ubiquiti builds on Ubuntu, but screw Ubuntu.

    Get Debian 9.1 installed however you desire. I have a guide here for setting up a minimal install.

    First up, install curl and netcat

    sudo apt-get install curl netcat -y

    Then you download and execute the UNMS install script. It will download everything else and configure it all. Ubiquiti has chosen to use Docker for this.

    curl -fsSL > /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

    Unless you like using self signed certs, get a FQDN setup for your system while it is installing. Something like would be perfect.

    When the install completes, you should see this.

    Navigate to your FQDN and perform the setup, for my demo system. If you navigate to the HTTP instance, it should redirect you to the HTTPS instance with a currently self signed certificate. Firefox puked on it, but Chrome worked. It will automatically attempt to setup a Let's Encrypt certificate.

    And then you will be presented with the setup screen. Populate appropriately.

    Setup email if you want.

    Grab your code to put in your routers.

    There you go.

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