Hytrust Configuration Backups with Powershell REST API Calls

  • What do you do when one of your most critical applications isn’t supported by your backup vendor? Do you find a new backup vendor, change applications, figure out a different solution, or cry silently in the fetal position on the server room floor? This, like any other problem, needed a solution, and this post is to share that solution with others. Keep reading.

    The Problem

    We had just deployed a 2-node Hytrust KeyControl v4.0-11538 cluster for use with VM Encryption (vCenter 6.5d, all ESXi hosts at 6.5d). Each cluster node was running as a VM with one node inside a vSphere cluster and one node outside. Everything worked great…except for backups using Rapid Recovery. Since Hytrust runs a very customized version of FreeBSD 32-bit, we were not able to install the Rapid Recovery agent on either node. Even if we could have installed the agent, Rapid Recovery does not support FreeBSD as an operating system on which their agent will run. I had hoped we would still be able to backup at least one node agentlessly via the vSphere APIs for Data Protection, but Rapid Recovery does not support agentless backups of operating systems not supported by the agent per this article.

    At this point, 3rd party backup with Rapid Recovery was ruled out completely. And maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. That’s what I kept telling myself anyway.

    You can read the rest of the story here - http://blog.thenetworknerd.com/2017/08/01/hytrust-configuration-backups-with-powershell-rest-api-calls/.