Popular YouTube Tags, Topics in 2013-2016 and Future of TV

  • Hi, there to marketers and enterpreuners. I research the YouTube stats through 2013-2016 years by different parameters and create a short guide here - kparser.com/popular-youtube-tags. The main goal was to find the most popular tags and niches. The main conclusions are follow.

    1. YouTube will beat TV format in the near future.
    2. Most of people use YouTube now as people used TV in the past (they watch videos at home, in a prime time)
    3. All YouTube users are as viewers such competitors, because everybody can set an own channel.
      So, what do you think about the future? Will human attention the real currency? I guess that humanity are going to this.

  • I'm not a tweener, nor do I have teens, but I personally don't know of a single friend close acquaintance who watch YouTube during prime time.

    I personally know some young kids who do.

    What things did your research find people were watching? Cat videos?

  • @dashrender The number of qualitive content from different all possible categories grow on YouTube exponantionally. I also view videos in prime time. Because there a lot of really useful content (includes interviews and courses from Stanford, MIT etc.)
    The key point that YouTube has the best algorithm to find what you need. TV doesn't give such result.

  • Sure but do they have US prime time TV content?

    I know they have YouTube TV now, but not in my area.

  • I don't know if youtube itself will kill broadcast TV but I think a combination of things will. I am not a tween, nor am I a millennial, however I do have teenagers and they have found good content on youtube that we do watch together now. I cut the cable a long time ago with Netflix and then with Amazon Prime. If there is a show on one of the networks that I do want and they are not on Netflix or Amazon then I just buy the season. Still cheaper.

  • @penguinwrangler Thanks for experience. What about bad and unqualitive content? There are still a lot of such videos and kids, even teens can watch something horrible for the psyche. Do you use any filters to avoid it?

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