IT Must Be Involved In All Software Acquisition Decisions SAMIT Video

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    How is IT going to do its job properly if it is cut out of the big decisions? Easy answer is... it can't. IT needs to be included at the beginning of decisions, not brought in to support things after it is too late. IT's greatest value to the organization is in decision making, not decision fixing.

  • Listened to this on Friday. Thank you for reinforcing what I have been saying for about a year now around my company.

    People in production brings in equipment that requires network connection and ports open to a cloud server, but does not inform us of these needs until after the equipment has been installed and wonders why its not working.

    "Well no wonder why it is not working. We have to run a network connection into a production environment, give your equipment (that I just met, potential security issue) an IP address, and open ports to a cloud system that I have no idea about and no control over. All because you did not value IT enough to include us in the decision making processes to figure out if it would be compatible with our environment."