Optimizing help desk team- Tool sets

  • I've previously posted few requests and would like to consolidate all here, to make an easy decision. My goal is to optimize the help desk team giving some great tools for them to make it easier to do the daily IT management effectively and efficiently. Even though I would like to stick to open source/Linux solutions, not everyone in my team is comfortable to go that route and I don't want to spend a lot of time on that.

    Currently, most of the operations below are manual and time-consuming and the link discussions will hopefully help me to identify my final tool sets. Any suggestions, welcome other than these categories on a day to day operation.

    OS Image deployment with standard applications

    Remote Support

    Asset Management

  • OS Image deployment - I use Clonezilla. Setup a VM with all needed drivers/applications for all devices in fleet, create and answer file, sysprep and go.

    remote support - I include the access version of ScreenConnect in all of my images (see instructions on anonymizing the setup pre sysprep.

    asset management - I use Excel, but SnipeIT I hear is good.

    But of course, the three links you pointed to already say all of this.