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  • Here's one I got a real chuckle out of - please post any you've also enjoyed below.

    Subject: Dreaded “Japanese Hypnosis Syndrome”

    Have you ever run into the dreaded "Japanese Hypnosis Syndrome"?
    Here's what I mean:
    While most of the major powers of Western Europe spent the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries racing around the world carving out empires for themselves...
    Japan felt threatened by the influx of foreigners and ended up spending this period as one of the most reclusive nations on the planet.
    In the 1630s, a series of proclamations closed the country's borders, marking the beginning of the period now known as sakoku ('locking the country') or sometimes kaikin ('sea-restriction').
    Non-Japanese-citizens were not permitted on Japanese soil...
    And potential violators were warned that they would be subject to capital punishment.
    Only a small amount of trade with China, Korea, and the Netherlands was permitted, and the Dutch were restricted to Dejima, an artificial island in the harbor at Nagasaki.
    Nor were Japanese citizens allowed to leave Japan.
    Even the construction of long-range ships was illegal.
    All those measures remained in place well into the 19th century.
    Anyway, here's the point:
    Sometimes when working with a hypnosis subject the "border" into parts of their unconscious mind will shut down on you.
    And you will not be permitted entry.
    Nor will you get any information coming out of those parts of their unconscious.
    Their unconscious will metaphorically "cease trading" with you.
    And that obviously scuppers any chance of you and their unconscious working together to produce transformational change in the subject.
    It's why I call it "Japanese Hypnosis Syndrome".
    Hardly any hypnotist has the "diplomatic tools" to re-open borders into the unconscious parts that have "locked down".
    But you will.
    And you will be able to consistently produce amazing feats of personal transformation in your subjects (even with those who have "Japanese Hypnosis Syndrome") when you activate this 30 Day Free Trial

    Cliff - Hypnosis Training Academy

  • Wow that is a good one.

  • The most amusing ones I've seen lately are about a new kind of Viagra, presumably chewable, called "Viagra Soft". I'm thinking the might want to consider renaming it.

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