Port - New Thread - How to Pick a Hypervisor

  • jimender2 wrote:
    We are starting to virtualize using vmware esxi and have some problems with it but how do we know which hypervisor is right for us?

  • First jimender2 you need to determine what functionality you need from your hypervisor.

    Do you need vMotion, etc?

    Which hypervisor meets your requirements. vMotion is an ESXi only item, but XenServer Hyper-V and KVM have similar solutions.

  • If you're currently using the free version of ESXi, it'll work, but you have no additional functionality from the hypervisor, no vMotion etc.

    With Hyper-V, XenServer and KVM you have an all you can eat scenario from which you can use at will any functionality of the hypervisor.

    With ESXi you must buy up to get specific features.

  • Determining what features you need, really requires an in-depth explanation of your business and infrastructure.

    You need a business cost analysis of what downtime would do to the business (in dollars lost).

  • Do you need Standard Availability, High Availability, or even Low Availability? How long can the business be down without it effecting the overall business bottom line?

  • What questions and answers brought you to use ESXi? Did you purchase ESXi or are you using the free version?

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