Updating FOP2 to work with HTTPS correctly

  • The most common add on I get for any FreePBX based system is the FOP2 (Flash Operator Panel 2). It costs $40 for the basic bundle, $60 if you want to white label it. If you want every single possible feature plus white label, it is $100. I never buy more than the $40 basic, because that is all my clients have ever needed.

    If you have only a few extensions, you can use it for free. The limit is 15 buttons.

    It is a simple scripted install and it comes up working perfectly on a default FreePBX 13 install.

    But if you use SSL, there are two lines in the config that you need to change.

    Edit the /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg file and fins these two entries.


    You need to change them to your SSL cert and key. If oyu use the built in SSL module with Let's Encrypt, you will find the files in /etc/https/pki, so update the config to look like this.


    Then restart fop2

    service fop2 restart

    and now you can log in correctly.

  • For anyone not familiar, here is a screenshot of my free version.

    here is a paid version at a client with ~40 extensions.
    (intentionally not all are shown such as the Snom PA-1 paging adapter, because I know someone will count....)