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  • Not a new subject, and I know a common consensus is "this is not done well overall."

    Ticketing systems seem to be a dime a dozen. I've been using AutoTask most recently. Spiceworks obviously can't handle client isolation, as it wasn't designed for that.

    I haven't used ZenDesk, but saw they do have a MSP offering. Also haven't used osDesk but have heard good things and was told they do have client isolation.

    If you are working at a MSP, what are you using and why? Just some of the high points.

  • osTicket. It's free and open source and easily customizable. We've been generally happy with it.

  • You may wanna look at ServiceDesk Plus MSP by ManageEngine. It is an ITIL ready IT help desk for MSPs with an intuitive user interface and robust functionalities. You have the option to choose between hosting it locally and signing-up for the Cloud version. Some of the key features that might be useful for you are:

    Account management- Manage multiple client accounts, and multiple users within each account. Walled-garden approach to account management helps you secure and maintain privacy of data of each account. 
    Rebranding- Personalize your login page and self-service portal so that the end-users feel like they are interacting with an internal IT help desk.
    Automated billing- Promptly and accurate bill your clients for services provided.

    Needless to say, ServiceDesk Plus of course comes with all the modules and functionalities of a robust IT service desk, from incident management to asset management, project management, integrations, reporting, etc. It also supports powerful automations and customizations that can boost the efficiency of your IT help desk.

    Link to visit :

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    Autotask isn’t a ticketing system it’s a PSA.

  • I'm using SpiceWorks. I'm getting to the point where I would like some accounting integration. I have written some SQL reports that kind of give me the information I need, but as the company grows, I could use a little more information.

  • I should add I'm running on a server in vultr so there is a cost, but better than running my own server.

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    @mike-davis said in MSP ticketing system:

    I should add I'm running on a server in vultr so there is a cost, but better than running my own server.

    There is a cost to using Spiceworks (period) for MSP usage. It's not designed for it, so you have to waste tons of extra time making up for the lack of proper client tracking features, billing and reporting integrations and general functions that a PSA like Autotask or connectwise has.

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