MS Exchange: Disjoint Namespace vs Split DNS

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    I was reading an article about Exchange 2013 and they mentioned that if you have a "disjoint namespace" you need to do some additional work. It suggested using a GPO to specify and DNS suffix if your internal domain name is different than your external domain name. Is there anything wrong with just adding the external domain to your DNS server like you do with a split DNS configuration?

    Whenever I have had a domain.local and a I just create a zone for each of them on the internal DNS server and that seems to work fine. Any reason not to do that? Is this "disjoint namespace" the same thing?

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    I know when I did work for Unitrends that any split domain caused real havoc when trying to back up any on-premise Exchange. I can't recall the details, so I'm kind of curious about this, too.

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    After a bit more reading it looks like a disjoint namespace is when you have an exchange server in the domain: domainA.local and your computers are in the domain: domainB.local

  • Split DNS is the way to go if you have the .local domain naming. Otherwise having your organization domain as might be better as to not use your main domain.


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