New! – Premium Installation Service

  • 2017 is here. We want to help you start your new year and your new HC3 system with our new ScaleCare Premium Installation service. You’ve probably already heard about how easy HC3 is to install and manage, and you might be asking why you would even need this service. The truth is that you want your install to go seamlessly and to have full working knowledge of your HC3 system right out of the gate, and that is what this service is all about.

    First, this premium installation service assists you with every aspect of installation starting with planning, prerequisites, virtual and physical networking configuration, and priority scheduling. You get help even before you unbox your HC3 system to prepare for a worry-free install. The priority scheduling helps you plan your install around your own schedule, which we know can be both busy and complex.

    Secondly, ScaleCare Premium Installation includes remote installation with a ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer. This remote install includes a UI overview and setup assistance and if applicable, a walkthrough of HC3 Move software for workload migrations to HC3 of any physical or virtual servers. Remote installation means a ScaleCare engineer is with you every step of the way as you install and configure your HC3 system.

    Finally, ScaleCare Premium Installation includes deep dive training of everything HC3 with a dedicated ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer. This training, which normally takes around 4 hours to complete, will make you an HC3 expert on everything from virtualization, networking, backup/DR, to our patented SCRIBE storage system. You’ll basically be a PHD of HC3 by the time you are done with the install.


    Here is the list of everything included:

    • Requirements and Planning Pre-Installation Call
    • Virtual and Physical Networking Planning and Deployment Assistance
    • Priority Scheduling for Installations
    • Remote Installation with a ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer
    • UI Overview and Setup Assistance
    • Walkthrough of HC3 Move software for migrations to HC3 of a Windows physical or virtual server
    • Training with a dedicated ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer
      • HC3 and Scribe Overview
      • HC3 Configuration Deep Dive
      • Virtualization Best Practices
      • Networking Best Practices
      • Backup / DR Best Practices

    Yes, it is still just as easy to use and simple to deploy as ever, but giving yourself a head start in mastering this technology seems like a no-brainer.

  • This is pretty cool. I wonder if calling it an installation service is better than calling it training+.

    Followup question - It comes with 4 hours of what I assume is one on one training with a ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer. What post one on one time options are available when you just can't remember how to do something?

    Overall, this looks like a great offering.

  • Vendor

    @Dashrender Thanks for the feedback. The training will include some leave-behind materials to help you recall any specifics. Additionally, there is always the user's guide to refresh your memory, or you can always call our support number for 24/7 assistance.