Real time update slideshow

  • I am looking for a way to present slideshow while update content in real time. Imagine a situation where a photographer is tasked with taking picture. He then save those pictures on the cloud. You are tasked when presenting those picture on a screen. How can this be done assuming that I cannot be there to manually add each picture every minute.

    I deal solution is a slideshow where someone can add/remove picture or files once a day while having the slideshow keep doing it thing and refresh after or during each slide.

    Any idea?

    This is very old idea... but there doesn't seem to be the perfect answer to it yet.

  • Is the slideshow just pictures?

    If so, sync the picture directory with Google photos and the photographer syncs their pictures to Google photos, they will be synced down to the PC and added to the slide show.

  • My first thought is that a very simple website is all that is needed. Something that just shows pictures from a pool and updates itself every ten minutes or so to see if new pictures have arrived.

  • Sorry for the late response...

    The photographer thingy is just an example. There is no photographer here in the office, and we'll be doing this "slideshow" for the next.... months... if not forever.

    The slides will be update more than once per day.

    The website idea seems good. I'll run by my manager to see if he likes it or not.

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