Has anyone used Varonis?

  • I'm giving them some serious consideration as a tool for auditing and would like to hear the IT stories or reviews if anyone has one to share.

  • Have not seen them.

  • I had someone else tell me they liked the product. I have not used it myself. I do not continue dealing with companies that do not publish a MSRP.


  • No list price... we know the price is too bad to be a selling point.

  • @Grey , I deployed Varonis while working at Nintendo and then later ended up joining Varonis and I have since worked with other technologies also.

    Take a look at STEALTHbits and their StealthAUDIT and StealthINTERCEPT offerings - beats Varonis hands down on capability and price. Don't purchase before seeing a STEALTHbits demo. If nothing else, you can use STEALTHbits to knock Varonis' price down but from many prior experiences, STEALTHbits is the product of choice when compared side by side not to mention the overall customer experience difference between the two organizations.

    I'll be happy to help answer any specific questions you may have if any.


  • One of my pet hates is companies not showing their list price.

  • @comply7 said in Has anyone used Varonis?:


    Thanks! Checking it out now. I need to get information on this stuff for HIPAA compliance and anything to save cash or make things easier is great.

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