Edgemax Site-To-Site VPN + NAT

  • Wonder if you guys can help me. I'm using a Edgemax pro ER8 and I have configured a site to site vpn which is working well.

    However I am told that the other end will only accept traffic originating from
    Our local network is on (using eth 4)

    I'm told to NAT to the server. How do I go about setting this up this NAT rule, ideally via GUI?
    Any ideas how I can do this pls? I need this working by deadline today 😞

  • Let's step back. WHY does the other side only accept the wrong network addresses? This is going to be hell for you to do on your end, they need to fix their VPN settings, not use NAT to work around it poorly.

  • Yeah, WTF?

    Are you connecting a permanent IPSEC tunnel with some other network you do not control?