Room Calendar Permissions on Office 365 Exchange

  • Hi Team
    I've just migrated a new client over to O365.

    They have 6 room mailboxes used for calendars to book rooms in their office. All staff had full permission to each one and could see what bookings were in place and could add/edit them.

    Post migration, all rooms have been created however no user can view the details or add/remove/edit bookings. They only see a 'busy' option.

    Can anyone please let me know the PS script or where in the GUI i can find the options to 'Allow all users full permission to these room mailboxes as a default' ?

    Much appreciated

  • First thing, make sure the users know that they need to add the item to their own calendar and then invite the resource to their meeting.

  • After that are the rooms showing up as resources in the office 365 portal, or are they listed under standard users?

  • They show up as room/resources no problem. The users can see and access them all but the contents just show BUSY and doesnt display the details or allow them to add new ones.

    I'd like to apply full access to the room/resources.
    I've done this via the GUI on Office 365, however it then adds the whole resource down the left hand side of Outlook and I dont what this...I just want the calendar to be visible and accessible.


  • If you know how to connect to your office 365 environment with powershell, then the command you need is:

    Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity conf-room:\calendar -User default -AccessRights reviewer

  • If that doesn't work, you might also need to do:
    Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity "conf-room:\non_ipm_subtree\freebusy data" -User default -AccessRights reviewer