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    Check it out 🙂

  • I love the opening statement.

    Most at ML know why this is a good thing, sadly many of the rest don't. I'd add a either a paragraph in normal sized font explaining why this matters, and why it's good for your customer or a link to another page saying something like click here to find out why you care about this though I think the link is probably not a good idea.

  • This company was built on the idea that anything is possible, when technology and people are in sync. This is our core value that we are not just here to fix technology when IT breaks but to match the right technology with each unique situation. The right solution is not the most expensive or complex. How do you find the right solution in all the noise?

    Starting this with this company makes this sound like a canned response. Starting with Dara IT was built or Our company personally gives me a better warm feeling while reading this.

  • I agree with both commens @Dashrender .

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