Win XP sp2 Error c000021a

  • Windows XP sp2 keep getting BSoD with error c000021a and rebooting. On safe mode, windows works fine, no rebooting. According to what i looked for, there should be a faulty software or driver causing this issue; how can i know what is that faulty software? i need to solve this without formatting the PC.
    any suggestions?

  • You'll have to look at the event logs to determine what is crashing. It's been a long time since I've had to actually work on an XP system, but I believe you can still get Blue Screen Viewer that will work on XP.

    Which should give you an idea of the faulty driver. If you still can't figure out which driver is at fault, you can start the system with a selective startup.

    Disabling everything not windows, and then turn one service on at a time, reboot see how it runs.

    Rinse and repeat until you find the faulty driver. Once the system crashes you know which driver needs to be updated. Go from there.

  • As an alternative approach, you can also disable automatic restart on system crash. This will leave the BSOD on your screen, and will list out the exact driver or component that caused the issue.

    This is a rather painless change to make and will be quicker to find the culprit.

  • @DustinB3403 i will upload a screenshot of the BSoD

  • So there are two items I'd consider looking at here.

    The computer memory is likely faulty and needs to be replaced. So test the RAM on the system by booting the system with just a single stick, and see if the issue occurs.

    The other is DEP, which could be causing issues with the other drivers on the system. You can disable DEP in the boot.ini file, but that's likely overkill.

  • Try booting into safemode and run this executable.

    If the system is able to operate in safemode the memory may be to fault, but more likely you need to update a driver.

  • You are looking at the wrong number. Your fault is a 0xC00005. Corrupted system file.

    Run setup and it should fix it. And quit loading warez.

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