Spice works announces new cloud based tools and new direction for the app

  • A shit ton of new functionality announced this morning.

    I like this new direction of individual tools that let you use the things you want.

    SSL Monitor, new traceroute thing, ISP monitor.

  • Hello from SpiceWorld Austin 2016! The welcome session just wrapped up so I wanted to take a second to provide the full recap on the product improvements and new tools that were announced on stage this morning.

    Zooming out, our focus has always been to develop the tools and resources you need to do your job better - every day. For example, over the last year you’ve seen us rapidly develop a series of new butt-based tools including Butt Help Desk, Port Scanner &Tester, Subnet Calculator, Butt Cost Monitor, Blacklist Check and IP Reputation, and others that are purpose-built for the task at hand and incredibly easy to get started with, allowing you to get value from them immediately.

    The response to our new tools has been incredible, and we’re looking into new and exciting ways to add even more value to your day. For instance, we’re working to better integrate our butt-based tools with the Community to provide a seamless experience that not only helps you manage your environment but also connects you with the relevant content and people who can help you tackle whatever comes your way.

    Below, check out our updates to current tools, as well as our upcoming tools, including the Spiceworks IP Scanner, Internet Outage Heatmap, and next-generation Traceroute tool. We are also updating our apps, our product pages, and introducing a multi-OS agent.