Update your iOS devices. This flaw is a doozy.

  • iOS 10.1 fixes a significant number of flaws, and one that allows malicious code execution when viewing a JPG file.


    I'm still not bullish on any of the smartphone options.

  • What is your driving feature(s)?

  • I find in reality I really don't care. If my docs ever actually get around to buying me an iPhone (won't do it myself) I'm sure I'll be fine using it, all of the apps I want are there. The lack of some customization will suck, but I can get over that, especially considering my current Nexus 6P can't customize the ring tones for SMS/MMS without a third party app, etc.

  • Dang, through a JPG? Updating now.

  • @Dashrender said in Update your iOS devices. This flaw is a doozy.:

    What is your driving feature(s)?

    Not what I have 😛

    I want Windows 10 Mobile to be stable, supported, and have a thriving app ecosystem with all the major apps. And a pony.

    Now that that is out of the way, I like the consistency of iOS, but I don't like iOS. iOS X is light years better from a UX perspective imo than iOS 9 was, but there are still niggling little things that annoy me. And Apple irritates me on so many levels, and that irritation is only exacerbated by managing a network that is 95% Mac.

    I don't know Android well enough to know what I want there, but I dislike what Samsung has done with their bloat ware. I was looking at Nexus for my WP replacement, but Alphabet chose to kill that in favor of a flagship that is more aimed at a consumer, than creating a clean experience (I'm guessing, not having used a Pixel).

    OnePlus 3 looks promising. If I had to choose today it would probably be one of these.