Previous Versions removed recently from Windows 10... i think.

  • Earlier this year I hooked up an external drive to my win10 workstation at work. Then had a robocopy job going every night to copy some server shares there(also have unitrends, just wanted previous versions of some of these shares for testing). Made a rule to make a previous version of a folder 2x a day. This was working for months, and in fact I am fairly certain I used this to restore a folder a user deleted on accident just a few weeks ago.
    Today I go to the external drive and right click>restore previous versions. 'No Previous Versions Found" I go into Control panel>System>System Protection, where system protection is set to Off for both 😄 and external drive.
    So ive lost my restore points. Not a big deal. I turn them back on. Now there is no way to set a schedule of these restore points like there used to be; that incredibly confusing task scheduler just for this, the one that made no sense at all(The duration must be greater than the repetition interval) but at least it worked.
    Now the option is totally gone. You have to manually make 'Restore points' from the System Protection cpl, or use File History(which is infinitely worse than Previous Versions, btw)
    I suppose I can add a scheduled task/powershell to make these restore points happen 2x a day.
    Seriously MS how the hell do you do something like that and not mention it to ANYBODY.
    My bet this was taken away with the anniversary update.

    If I am wrong please let me know. Because File History is just so bad I wont use it.

  • @momurda
    Why don't you just use a real backup solution? Why spend all this time and effort to reinvent the wheel?

    CrashPlan is free to use to backup to a local source.

  • You could also use the Free Veeam Endpoint Backup, in latest version it also has CryptoLocker protection for USB attached external storage devices.

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