Freepbx/Asterisk "serious network trouble"

  • I just upgraded a PBX from the old track 6.12 to the new FreePBX track 10.13. The upgrade went smoothly, but there is one remote softphone (using Linphone) that has intermittent call issues and the logs are full of the errors below. There are other softphone users that do not have any issues. Has anyone ever experience any messages like these?

    [2016-10-18 10:48:31] ERROR[2323]: chan_sip.c:4261 __sip_reliable_xmit: Serious Network Trouble; __sip_xmit returns error for pkt data
    [2016-10-18 10:48:45] WARNING[2323]: chan_sip.c:3775 __sip_xmit: sip_xmit of 0x7f835037ea70 (len 1038) to returned -2: No such file or directory

  • It's a networking error and it is limited to a single phone. Chances are the issue is truly network related.

  • It could be that the new version doesn't have as long of network timeouts as the old version. Had a situation where an AS400 wouldn't print, but a Windows server would. Turned out to be the cable had issues that caused huge latency and the 400 would just give up.

  • @scottalanmiller So since I posted the OP, I found out what the issue was. (or at least eliminated it by changing a setting.) On old versions of FreePBX, in Advanced SIP settings, in order to enable TCP connections, you had to manually type:

    tcpenable =yes

    In new versions, there is now a button to enable TCP. Having both settings enabled seems to cause these issues. Most likely, the config file for sip.conf gets messed up having these similar/identical settings. Removing the old entry eliminates the errors.