IT opportunities from Brexit

  • I assume most people have heard of Brexit? The UK is set to leave the European Union and the European Single Market within the next few years. This will be extremely messy and bureaucratic for everyone - firms and governments alike. Whenever things get messy, there is always extra demand for IT staff (remember the millennium bug?). So looking on the positive, I'm sure there will be some great opportunities for IT people with the right skills.

    I can't think what those opportunities or skills will be though. Any ideas? I want to get an early start so I don't miss the boat. I suspect having "Brexit IT Specialist" on your resume will add $$$ to your salary offers 🙂

  • I'm sure a lot of the jobs coming from this breakup will be contract work. My guess would be in systems separation areas, and new builds.

    In terms of what specifically I don't know as it's well above my pay-grade but the above areas would be my guess.

  • My guess would be a lot of it would be general IT work as IT departments have to separate to focus on the two regions. Businesses that used to use unified IT between the EU and UK will need to have local workers in both regions in some cases.

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