Amanda Backup and AetherStore for all encompassing scaleable solution

  • @Rob and I were discussing AetherStore, it was a really interesting discussion that fell over to this morning.

    Of the great things discussed is how AetherStore will present a disk to Windows to be used as a backup device, the one lacking thing was a built in solution to create and push those backups to the AetherStore target. Solutions like Shadow Copy, Veeam, Shadow Protect all work, but it means going to and getting that solution, and then configuring it to point to the AetherStore target.

    Not an ideal solution (as it cost more).

    So Rob and I were discussing this issue, and how it would be a great idea to have a solution that is baked in, open source, and functional right off the bat, along with providing Application based, detached backup solution.

    I proposed the Open Source solution Amanda backup, which offers block down to file level backup solution that supports clients ranging from Windows, Linux and even Unix. Not to mention all of the different media types it supports.

    So I'll be taking @Rob up on his offer for the trial of AetherStore, and setting up my home lab / personal equipment to not only create a backup solution on the equipment I have.

    If anyone is interested in testing with me, let me know. I'll be hitting up @travisdh1 I'm sure to get a pointer here or there. 🙂

    The general solution at this point as I see it will be a VM running the Amanda Server, and then my clients, the target will be my windows systems (desktop and laptops) all pooled using AetherStore.

    I'll post screenshots as I get things going.