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    Anyone have more examples to add?

  • I have the Commodore 128, it's a great machine. I think they kept mixing things that were flops with things that were bad computers. The 128 was a great computer, maybe the best home use 8bit ever made. It was just at the end of the 8bit era. The Amiga that they acted as if came along and beat it was built by the same company, and didn't sell nearly as well as the 8bit machines for the first few years. I have the Amiga 1000 that "killed" the 128 as well.

  • @scottalanmiller At least they got the Packard Hells in properly.

  • Gateway Profile PCs (All in One)

    I've talked about the MPC and Gatway "split" before. Gateway did this split to get out of the professional service contracts they had because they could not afford to support their PCs since they were so bad. MPC lasted for about 6 months then completely stopped paying their service providers (us) and kept making excuses until you realized that checks were never coming.

    Our school district won a legal battle with Microsoft and won 2.1 million dollars because Microsoft lost the audit battle against the school district. Anyway the school district dumped over 1 million into new PCs from MPC. About 40% of the MPC Profile PCs were bad out of the box!!! Yes 40%! Unbelievable right?

    I can remember opening brand new boxes and literally putting 80 out of 200 PCs to the side for further testing. Of those 40% about 80% of them had bad motherboards!

    We found out we weren't the only school district to get screwed. Many others had the same problem with MPC after the split.


  • @travisdh1 said in Top Ten Worst Computers Ever Video:

    @scottalanmiller At least they got the Packard Hells in properly.

    Yup, was happy to see that crap included. The Lisa I thought was a bad inclusion as well, that was a great machine.

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