Job Posting: Operations Coordinator at Scale Computing

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    Ensure the following functions are executed with efficiency and accuracy. Document and keep up-to-date all processes pertaining to responsibilities. Create in-house process training or documents that are accessible to those outside of the Operations department, such as support and sales.Establish and report metrics on responsibilities to maintain minimum levels of operation and find efficiencies.

    Important skills & qualifications: 4 year degree or relevant experience. Proficiency in MS Office Suite products. Experience with CRM tool recommended. Ability to work in a fast paced, interrupt driven workplace while maintaining organization, attention to detail and flexibility.

    Responsibilities listed below can change at any time and other projects may be assigned as time and ability warrant. Responsibilities will be assigned on a gradual basis. Moderate lifting may be required. Position reports to the Director of Operations.


    • Manage trade-in returns
    • Manage service contract renewals
    • Assign 3rd party licensing and work with Ops Specialist on renewals


    • Place Support replacement requests within SLA
    • Follow up and process all return cases within 30 days of part shipment
    • Contact customers, and work with finance to invoice if needed, for outstanding returns
    • Follow up and process all Quality cases with contract manufacturer
    • Manage RMA returns that go back directly to contract manufacturer
    • Weekly/monthly/quarterly replacement shipping metrics
    • Reimage nodes as needed


    • Ship sales/replacement requests
    • Assist marketing/accounting with other shipments if needed
    • Check in returns, manage daily DAM reporting
    • Resolve minor shipping issues with UPS
    • Schedule roadshow & migration cluster shipping


    • Maintain replacement part inventory and place purchase orders with contract manufacturer
    • Manage spare part dashboard on
    • Review contract manufacturer portal for replacement order status
    • Track Scale Internal assets
    • Monthly Inventory Audit

    Asset Management โ€“ Asset Lifecycle maintenance

    • Maintain asset integrity when parts are shipped to/returned from Customers (i.e. update accounts, move entitlements, etc.)
    • Work with Sales Support Renewal Manager to ensure all Customer entitlements are accurate
    • Manage all internal inventory in Scaleโ€™s on-site warehouse


    • Upload DAM reporting to Confluence
    • Update weekly contract manufacturer stocking and shipment reports
    • Manage monthly RMA reconciliation
    • Review and approve UPS/third party logistics invoices


    • Record and manage contract manufacturer MQT (manufacturer quality tracker)
    • Place orders with 3rd party vendors as assigned
    • Weekly & monthly metrics pertaining to above responsibilities

  • @scale So would this be more of a management position? That'd be quite a list for a single person to keep up with!

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    @travisdh1 Not really a management position today, but perhaps in the future. It is definitely a lot for 1 person to do, but such is life in a startup ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @craig.theriac said in Job Posting: Operations Coordinator at Scale Computing:

    @travisdh1 Not really a management position today, but perhaps in the future. It is definitely a lot for 1 person to do, but such is life in a startup ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you guys get a "challenge accepted" soon!

    I'm probably going to be looking starting the beginning of the year, and @scale will be on my watch-list when the time comes.

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