@JaredBusch said in Fitness and Weightloss:

Changed my walk yesterday to have a 30 second run/jog then walk, then run again..

I hurt this morning.

Yes, but when you find that your walk turns into a jog...you will be very glad you did this!

I started doing small jogging sprints in my regular walks, then moved up to intervals where it was like 1 minute jog 2 minutes walk. Now when I do my walk it's the first minute I walk to warm up, then from minute 2 to minute 17 I jog (trust me I'm beat by minute 17), then from minute 17 to 19 I walk to cool off. This was all over time of course.

I NEVER thought in a MILLION years I'd be able to sustain a jog for 16 minutes in my life!