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@tim_g In all honesty I just need to track where I've left off. Sometimes I honestly can't remember and I'll get on a machine and feel like I've put on too much weight. I don't know if I am truly over weight from my last visit, or if I'm being lazy.

If I know where I left off, I'll know that I'm at minimum not regressing...if that makes sense. So all I really need I guess is something to track the exercise, weight (or whatever important metric the exercise entails), and date. Perhaps a Google Sheet is all I really need...but not sure how easy manipulating that on my phone would be.

When I did it, I used one from bodybulding.com taht I bought. I'll see if I can find it. That's your best bet. Using an app on your phone will take too long. Pen and paper is the best way to go imho.

I'll update this reply when i find it.

Edit: This is what I used: https://www.bodybuilding.com/store/bodybuildingcom-accessories/fitness-log.html

Looks a little different from when I had it, but same stuff. This looks a little better too.

Ooo. That's not bad.

I ended up picking up one of the sheets that my gym provides and am using that. The only annoyance is juggling the sheet, a pen, my water, and my phone. lol

I think what I may end up doing is logging everything initially on paper and then putting it into a Google Sheet or something later on. I do want to track my progress. I like seeing the numbers go in the right direction. :-D