You should just need to run this bit, nothing should have to be changed. DFL should be at least 2008

# Imports Active Directory information Import-Module Activedirectory $credentials = Get-Credential # Prompts for user credentials default user is “ ”, enter an administrator account in the form of “domain-name\administrator-account” Get-ADUser -Credential $credentials -Filter * -Properties DisplayName,EmailAddress,memberof,DistinguishedName,Enabled | % { New-Object PSObject -Property @{ UserName = $_.DisplayName EmailAddress = $_.EmailAddress DistinguishedName = $_.DistinguishedName Enabled = $_.Enabled # Deliminates the document for easy copy and paste using ";" as the delimiter. Incredibly useful for Copy & Paste of group memberships to new hire employees. Groups = ($_.memberof | Get-ADGroup | Select -ExpandProperty Name) -join ";" } # The export path is variable change to desired location on domain controller or end user computer. } | Select UserName,EmailAddress,@{l='OU';e={$_.DistinguishedName.split(',')[1].split('=')[1]}},Groups,Enabled | Sort-Object Username | Export-Csv $ENV:UserProfile\Documents\User-Permissions.csv –NTI