@gotwf said in Setup NodeBB on Fedora 33 with PostgreSQL and Nginx with HTTPS only:

@JaredBusch So... now that you've had this up and running for a while, care to report on how that is going? Inquiring minds are curious. Particularly w.r.t. resource utilization comparison, performance differences, etc. comparatively. I think you were on Mongo previously, correct? Cuz I am right there with you on the license bullshit. All it takes is one bump in the road, merger, and wham, history repeats and next major version changes license again - only this time to something closed. Have no interest in betting on community to fork and continue. Need a safer bet. It would appear that percona may have already done so w/their percona mongodb offering but I wonder if that would continue as a full fork if/when upstream became closed source.

TIA-- o/

Well 2 years in, i do not run any NobeBB instances with heavy traffic so performance is not even something I look at. I have like 5 of these running for tiny personal projects that people I know have asked for my help with.