Good backups are just wasted money and not actually important, right?

Veeam is being used for backup - awesome! Veeam is good stuff. Slight issue is that it is running on a VM, to backup VMs on the same host, itself included. Not ideal, but with a good configuration backup, it will work. If something happens to the VM, install Veeam on the replacement, restore from the latest config backup, make adjustments if necessary, and move on.


This same VM also runs other services that aren't related to backup functions The backups are stored on the same physical host ...on the same internal host datastore ...on a secondary virtual disk ...attached to the same VM

At least there is a backup copy job to another storage target, right?

Target is a cheap Synology DS620slim at another site Storage pool is 6 x 2TB RAID 5 with spinning rust Frequently takes 2+ days for job to succeed, but fails more frequently than it succeeds Job omits the largest VM (file server), probably because someone said "the other file servers at the other locations are enough for the backup because of the DFS configuration"

What was the point in spending the money on Veeam, only to configure things in a way that ensures that you don't have a solid backup if something happens to the host or the virtual disk storing the backups?!