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I was about to evaluate it to, I had a webex session with Microsoft sales, and while it looks nice, it doesn't really offer anything special over other solutions. And it's expensive, really expensive. Perthaps sales mislead me but we either had to subscribe to O365 E5 or M365, or get Windows 10 Enterprise licenses. It worked out to being 15-18 times more expensive than 3rd party antivirus solution.

Not sure how did they gave you that info! An average pricing structure as below


And security products straight from O365 admin portal subscriptions page:

These are prices IF you already have one of their subscriptions. If you don't need them or have something else, you're paying $15-$20 per month per endpoint. That's how much it costs per year if you go with other av vendor.

But as mentioned - $15-20 per year is only for typical AV, not an ATP product.

And the difference between the two is.....? ATP is really just a marketing phrase at this point. Here are some features from "traditional" av:

malware protection, both behavioral and definition based ransomware protection phishing protection ids/ips device control exploit blocker botnet protection web filtering memory analysis central management, either cloud or local

And a full forensics audit trail?

I'm really curious which ones have this stuff for 15-18 times less the cost of Defender ATP?

I'm having a hard time finding what the real price here is?

I know that Intune is like $4/user/month. aka $48/user/year. this makes it 2-3 times more expensive than typical AV packages - of course, it gives you a lot more features at that price point.

The above posts have a dozen different security things listed.

As @marcinozga says, typical AV with many of the above mentioned features (but not all - and full forensics trails - forget about it) for like $15-20/user/year

ATP is not available if you have just Intune, you need O365 or M365 Enterprise subscriptions, or Windows 10 Enterprise.
O365 E3 is $20/mo plus ATP add-on, I think it's $2/mo. I don't know how much is Win 10 Ent, so I'm guessing O365 E3 is the cheapest route, at $22/mo, that's $264 a year. Depending on number of endpoints you can get AV for $15/year, perhaps even less.

That's an unfair assessment. If you already have O365 E3, then it's only $24/year/user

Also - is O365 E3 the requirement, or can you add ATP onto E1?

Is windows 10 Enterprise a requirement of ATP? Things I was reading last night never mentioned that.

It is fair. What if you don't have O365 because you don't need it or use something else? Other AV don't force you to buy any extra services, you can get AV on a plain vanilla Windows machine.

From the document I got from Microsoft, E3 is minimum. It's O365 E3 or Windows 10 Ent.

If you're not in the O/M365 ecosystem already - then you likely wouldn't even consider this plan, you would likely look at another option... so yeah, it's not a fair comparison.

Now, you could decide, since you are looking at this solution, that you might want to change your other solutions at the same time since MS has these bundled together... but you don't just line item this entire cost all on the ATP project, you split it out.